6 Easy and Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

6 Easy and Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

6 Easy and Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog: It is obvious that trained animals make better roommates and educate children to observe rules more effectively. Training a dog not only makes it healthier, but it also makes it wiser and more competent. Dogs are inherently playful animals, so teaching them should follow suit. Here are a few simple skills that your dog may rapidly learn and show off to your friends and neighbours.

6 Easy and Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Roll over.

Give your dog a reward once he lies down with his tummy touching the floor. Slowly and gently place your hand behind your dog’s neck. The idea is for your dog to tilt back its head without raising its whole body. Then, carefully roll it over as its head reaches back to smell for the reward. Give your dog the goodie and plenty of praise as soon as he flips over. Say “ROLL” again as he begins to roll over, and then praise and congratulate him after he has fully turned over. Stay in this posture for 5 to 10 minutes. Your dog will ultimately come to like it, and he will begin to turn over when you instruct him to.


High Five

You may train your dog to sit by placing him in that posture and rewarding him with a goodie whenever one of his paws rises. Instead of waiting for him to raise his paw, do it for him and praise him every time. He’ll quickly figure out that if he raises his leg, he’ll receive a reward. If you wish to treat him again, wait until he raises his leg slightly higher before rewarding him. Say “HIGH FIVE” or “SHAKE HAND” often to help him link the action to the instruction.



It is simple, amusing, and adorable to train a dog to wave farewell. Once your dog understands how to give you a high-five, all it takes is a few extra goodies and a lot of practise to teach him to wave. When you get home, your dog may begin waving his paw to greet you, and he may do the same when you leave.


Take a Bow

Dogs have a natural instinct to bake a Bowow when they want to play, so teaching them to do so shouldn’t be too difficult. It is a trick simply to advise someone to “TAKE A BOW” or to do anything else that has a reward connected to it. Your dog will catch on in a matter of days.



Teach him to spin for a reward by holding the treat near to his nose. Other twists are also conceivable, such as changing the direction of rotation. Everyone will have a good time as your dog gradually learns which way is which.



It’s the most adorable trick you can teach your dog. “KISS” is the suggested command, but you may say anything you wish while placing a little goodie on your cheek. Give him the candy that’s stuck to your cheeks by extending your hands. Your dog will soon figure out what you’re doing, and you’ll be able to manage when he or she displays love.

Some simple and enjoyable lessons you may teach your pet. Just make sure you’re in a good mood and ready to lavish praise on your dog as you work out. Never go on for more than 10 minutes, and never get upset or use force. Your dog will never do what you want until you do this.