5 Ways to Care Your Pet During Lock-down

5 Ways to Care Your Pet During Lock-down

5 Ways to Care Your Pet During Lock-down: Everyone, even our pets, has been instructed to remain inside in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus. When humans are away for an extended period of time, their dogs may experience just as much worry as they do.

5 Ways to Care Your Pet During Lock-down

Indoor activities should replace outdoor events.

If a dog, like humans, remains indoors for too long, he or she may get nervous or melancholy.

Pet owners who normally leave their animals at home while they go to work will be able to spend more time with their animals as a result of the Corona virus. Instead of putting your dogs outdoors, perform some of their favourite activities inside to keep them entertained. You may get some exercise at home by playing fetch with your dog or walking it up and down the stairs. Games like tug of war and hide and seek may be enjoyable even if you don’t have a lot of room. DIY puzzle games are easy to find online and are a fun way to spend time with your pet.

If your cat enjoys “hunting,” you may allow her to do so by flashing a spotlight about the room in various locations. Place three upside-down plastic cups on the floor and a goodie underneath one of them. While your dog observes, spin the cups around each other. By looking for it, see whether he can locate the cup containing his reward. If you and your pet are able to remain at home during the lockdown, your veterinarian will advise you to utilise this time to bond with your pet and teach it new tricks.


Plan for shortages of pet food and save what you have

Because the whole nation is under lockdown, many pet supply businesses have closed. Because of the pervasive panic, people run out and purchase whatever they see. This clears out pet shops and supermarket pet sections. If you’re concerned about running out of pet food, you may need to reduce your pet’s eating at this period. Your dogs will not be able to burn as many calories if you restrict their exercise time. Reduce their calorie intake and move to a low-fat diet. Also, ensure that you have enough pet food to last at least two months. To avoid having to speak to individuals you don’t need to, buy pets online rather than at a shop. Pet food and grooming items are included in this category.


Don’t Forget About Pet Groomin

Pets must constantly be groomed and cared for. Grooming services may also be unavailable for an extended period of time. This implies that if your pet’s hair or nails are very long, you will have to take care of their grooming requirements yourself. To avoid injury to both you and your pet, use scissors and other grooming equipment with caution.

You can take excellent care of your pet at this period. When you bring your dog in after a stroll, you should clean its paws. Keep your pets away from people and other animals when you take them outdoors. Everyone, even man’s best buddy, benefits from social distance. Make sure children wash their hands and stay away from strangers and animals. Shampoos and other sprays are OK. If you can’t get your hands on the suggested products right soon, you may get comparable benefits by rubbing your pet with a combination of organic neem oil and organic coconut oil and soaking it for 15 minutes. To get rid of it, use pet shampoo. If you want to enhance your pet’s coat while also massaging them, a rubber hand glove is the perfect tool to utilise.


Maintain your dental health.

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is a crucial aspect of ensuring their general health. Plaque may be kept away from dogs’ teeth by providing them with dental gels, toothbrushes, and dental-cleaning treats, just as we do for ourselves. To clean your pet’s teeth, use a child’s toothbrush and pet toothpaste, or wrap a cloth over your finger and gently brush the teeth. Rub your gums with the tips of your fingers. You may do this on several days as long as your pet is content and you have the time. Purchase some dental treats for them.


You and your pet should know where to go in case of an emergency

Keep in touch with your veterinarian on a regular basis, and contact them immediately if you see any indications of sickness. Get your pet’s vaccinations up to date. A video consultation is typically an excellent approach for pet owners to determine the severity of a condition. Keep a list of open vet clinics and how to contact them on hand for your pet’s protection during a lock-down. Place the list somewhere simple to locate, such as on the door or refrigerator.